The Youth Enquiry Service offers free and confidential support, information and counselling to 13 -25 year olds in the - area.

No issue is too small. If you have a question, a worry or a concern, call in and speak to one of us in private. You can also phone or email us if you can’t come in and see us in person. We can give you the information and support to make the right decisions for you. All of our staff work in a confidential and non-judgemental way, so you can feel safe to talk about what is going on for you. All our services are completely free and confidential. They include;

Counselling - The agency has a team of professional counsellors who volunteer their services during normal opening hours and 3 evenings a week. If you have any concerns or difficulties in your life, feel confused or that you have no one you can to talk to, counselling could help. You will be listened to and taken seriously; you will not be judged but respected and encouraged

Email– If you need some advice but can’t get into the agency in person, you can email us at YES with any question, query or comment. We also have an email counselling service, where a trained counsellor will write back to you.

Information and Support - This part of our drop in service is staffed by our trained volunteers who spend time with young people, assessing their needs and helping them explore and understand their options. Support can be given on a wide range of topics; you can ask about filling in forms, access our Wi-Fi or use our phone for calling about jobs, benefits, accommodation etc.

Housing –A Connexions Housing Specialist works at YES every Monday between 11am and-12.30pm. They can provide advice and guidance to young people, supporting them through the difficulties of finding suitable housing and the complexities of the benefit system. This service is only available to under 19’s.

Sexual Health Service - This offers young people the chance to talk over sexual health matters, relationships, peer pressure, pregnancy, safer sex etc. If appropriate we can offer free condoms, pregnancy and Chlamydia tests. We have a walk in and wait family planning clinic every Thursday between 3pm and 5pm. The nurse is available to give family planning advice and prescribe contraceptive medications. Through responsible provision of this service, we are making a significant contribution to local and national strategies in reducing teenage pregnancies and the spread of sexually transmitted infections.

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